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Taiwan Trademark Application

Trademark is a sign used to distinguish the source of a customer’s goods and services.

The trademark type is composed of words, graphics, signs, colors, three-dimensional shapes, dynamics, hologram, sounds, or their combination.

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Should I apply for a trademark in color?

In principle, the design of the trademark application shall be subject to the actual use.

No color: In actual use, only the color will be changed according to different circumstances, but the main identifying characteristics of the trademark have not been substantially changed, and the registered trademark can still be considered to be used.

Color: If other different colors or no color are used in actual use, the trademark may have changed the same impression given to consumers to identify the source, and the trademark shall not be recognized as being used.

Can I change the goods or services after the trademark application is submitted?

After the application is submitted, the goods or services may not be changed, unless it is to reduce the goods or services.

Can I change the trademark after the trademark application was filed?

The trademark can’t be changed after application was filed, if deleted part is not identifiable; or may cause consumers to misunderstand the quality and the goods/services; or delete TM or Ⓡ.

Can the trademark be used before the trademark application is approved?

Yes, but you should pay attention to whether there is any infringement of the trademark rights of others.

Can the trademark in the application process be given to others?

The trademark in the application can be given to another person, and the contract or relevant certification documents must be attached.


  • The use of trademark on goods or services must not exceed the specified range of the registration, otherwise it will not be protected by law.
  • If the user is not a registrant or authorized person, it is not considered to be a legal use of a trademark.
  • In addition to being marked on goods, trademarks may also be marked on goods packaging, containers, manuals, labels, price lists, advertising catalogs and other objects.
  • Trademark owner has not used or continued to stop using the trademark for 3 years without proper, anyone can apply for the abolition of the trademark.