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Immigration Consultant

Registration Certificate of Immigration Business Agency

No. C 0 2 6 9 


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Richar RichLife provides the most economical prices and services in the market.

We promise that not only our prices are completely open and transparent, but our services are wholehearted and dedicated.

You can count on Richar RichLife. We are absolutely the best partners for SEMs.

Richar RichLife-

The most economical accounting firm

in Taichung &Changhua , Taiwan


Richar RichLife adhere professionalism and high quality to serve customers.

We hope to become a good helper for customers’ career development with our enthusiasm and vitality.

Our services are including company & firm establishment, factory registration, sole proprietorship & partnership , clinic studio establishment, bookkeeping and accounting, tax consulting, capital verification, Hong Kong and Macao investment immigration and other professional services, which are deeply affirmed and trusted by all walks of life. They are complete, exquisite and professional. 

With customer satisfaction as the core business philosophy, we provide you with professional and thoughtful services. That is worthy of your trust in our professionalism and service.

Richar RichLife is your best choice!

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The world flies very fast

What can we do to keep up with the speed?

A professional team and reliable resources are very important,

Follow our footsteps and leave your questions to us!!

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Company Establishment

  1. Company Establishment
  2. Firm Establishment
  3. Business Registration

Accounting & Taxation

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Tax Declaration
  3. Financial Report & Capital Verification

Factory Establishment

  1. Factory Registration
  2. Co. Establishment
  3. Transfer Registration

Immigration Business

  1. Immigration Consultant
  2. American & Canadian Immigrants
  3. Entrepreneurial Immigration

Various Taxes

  1. Taxes Consultation
  2.  Second Generation NHI
  3. Various deductions

Entrepreneurship Related

  1. Entrepreneurship Consulting
  2. Renting Address Service
  3. Dissolution of Business