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Japan Trademark Application

When Japanese consumers buy goods, many people tend to choose products with registered trademarks, because Japanese products have a good reputation all over the world. If Japanese trademarks are registered, they will have more trust in the brand.

Japan has always had good relations with Western countries, and Japanese products are very popular in the West. Therefore, registering a Japanese trademark will also allow the trademark to be recognized by Western countries more quickly.

    Japan Trademark

    Review Time

    About 8-12 months

    Dedicated Period

    10 Years

    Application Process

    STEP 1

    Provide Trademark And Choose The Category

    STEP 2

    Search Of The Trademark

    STEP 3

    Check The Trademark Application Document

    STEP 4

    Submit The Trademark Application

    STEP 5

    Received Certificate


    Revision of trademark regulations in response to infectious diseases such as Covid-19

    1. In the past, the oral proceedings of  JPO that required two parties to attend, whether it was a dispute over rights in a franchise, an artisan, a trademark, or a utility model, could be conducted in the form of an online conference.

    2. The trademark fees is allowed to be paid by credit card to reduce the risk of contact.

    Japan MUJI trademark was infringed

    Japan MUJI claimed that some of its products sold in China, such as cloth, towels, bedspreads, etc., the trademark was be registered by other companies, which caused dissatisfaction with Beijing Miantian Company. Customs believed that the “MUJI” towels and quilts of Beijing Miantian Company were “counterfeit goods.” Therefore, they were sued by Beijing Miantian Company and plunged.

    Yahoo Japan acquires the trademark right of "Yahoo!"

    Yahoo Japan has obtained the trademark rights of the two trademarks “Yahoo!” and “Yahoo! JAPAN” in Japan from Oath Holdings of the United States. This time, Yahoo Japan signed a new agreement at a price of 178.5 billion yen. In the future, related trademarks and technologies can be used freely in Japan without paying more royalties.

    Japan "Takkyūbin" brand be updated

    Japan “Takkyūbin” changed its 64-year-old brand “Black Cat Trademark” for the first time. The brand new Black Cat Trademark is displayed in a simple way on the eyes, ears and feet of Black Cats, but some changes have been made; the new trademark has been retained. The appearance of a big cat talking about a kitten, which symbolizes “reassuring and careful handling”, emphasizing the sense of being easy to get close to.


    • The use of trademark on goods or services must not exceed the specified range of the registration, otherwise it will not be protected by law.

    • If the user is not a registrant or authorized person, it is not considered to be a legal use of a trademark.

    • In addition to being marked on goods, trademarks may also be marked on goods packaging, containers, manuals, labels, price lists, advertising catalogs and other objects.