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Start-up Visa Program(SUV)

Advantages of Start-up Visa Program

  • No limitation on investment amount.
  • No restrictions on residence.
  • No deposit is required.
  • Without site visits.
  • High success rate, the trial speed of 12 to 16 months in one step to obtain permanent resident status.

Application Conditions

  • Age:22-25years old
  • Education: college degree or above
  • Language Ability: English CLB level 5-(reading 4.0 writing 5.0 listening 5.0 speaking 5.0)
  • Residence Intention : can choose to live anywhere in Canada (outside Quebec)
  • Background qualifications: Without entrepreneurial experience is ok. Having good background in the innovation industry. Need to have ideas for innovative and creative careers. 
  • Net Assets: no financial asset limit
  • Investment amount: no investment amount limitation
  • Business experience : willing to participate in business owner training and conduct 80-hour online courses in incubation institutions
  • You can get a recommendation letter issued by the incubation institution, after completing the online course.
Step 1

match the incubator

  1. lawyers assess qualifications
  2. contract and plan investment type
  3. match the incubator
  4. online interview
  5. conduct 3~8 weeks online courses
  6. obtain a recommendation letter from an incubation institution
Step 2

Apply work visa & immigrant visa

  1. physical examination
  2. work visa application
  3. transfer to the federal government to apply for a permanent residence card
  4. work visa approved
  5. go Canada to register
  6. statione in incubation institution
Step 3

Entrepreneurship Cultivation & Development Plan

  1. conduct a business plan
  2. entrepreneurship training counseling
  3. approximately 12~16 months to pass the immigrant visa
  4. meet the residency requirements (live for 3 years in 5 years)
  5. obtain citizenship

Documents required for work permit  & immigrant visa application:


  • Work Permit: recommendation letter, physical examination, good citizen certificate, and proof of sufficient settlement expenses for the whole family (taking a family of 4 as an example, approximately CAD $50,000).
  •  Immigrant Visa: recommendation letter, good citizen certificate,  copy of passport, language proficiency certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate, transcript of household registration.(all non-English or French documents must provide official translation and declaration/Canadian certification and notarization to match the original)

Stage Fees:


Payment Time Payment Amount (CAD without tax)
After signing 15,000
After the online interview 15,000
Within 7 days of conducting 3~8 weeks of online courses  40,000
Within 7 days of submitting a work permit application  45,000
Within 7 days of submitting a federal immigration application 45,000
Within 7 days after the work permit is passed 15,000
Within 7 days after the immigration application is approved 15,000
Total CAD $190,000


Commen Quentions:

Q:Is the application for SUV immigrant visa guaranteed to be passed?

    As long as the applicant meets the SUV qualifications and completes the online course. There is basically a 99% chance of passing it, unless it is due to personal factors such as language proficiency that does not meet CLB 5, unqualified medical examination, inability to obtain a good citizen certificate, or insufficient settlement allowance.

Q:Better language ability, the more beneficial to apply?

    No, the level of language proficiency will not affect the approval of the application, as long as it reaches CLB 5.

Q:Whether business failure will affect the immigration status?

  No, entrepreneurship may succeed or fail in the possible, and it will not affect the permanent immigrant status that has been issued.