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Hong  Kong and Macou Immigrants

Can the purchase of real estate be treated as an investment project?

Due to the excessive number of investment cases in Hong Kong and Macau, since November 2019, the Investment Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs has not accepted real estate sales as application items.

What are the restrictions on the type of company to be established?

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Investment Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs on the prohibition and restriction of the items listed in the negative list of overseas Chinese foreign investment(http://run.moeaic.gov.tw/MOEAIC-WEB-SRC/OfimDownloadC.aspx)

Can my spouse and children immigrate together?

Yes, spouses and children under the age of 20, as long as they meet the residency requirements, can come to Taiwan together to enjoy the same rights.

When can I apply for a passport?

After obtaining the ID card, the certificate of the Republic of China passport can be issued.

Can I enjoy national health insurance?

Yes, if you have a residence permit in Taiwan, you should have stayed in Taiwan for 6 months (in Taiwan for 6 consecutive months or have been out of the country for less than 30 days, and the actual period of residence is deducted from the number of days of departure. Up to 6 months) to participate in the health insurance.

What is the difference between Resident Certificate, Permanent Resident Certificate and ID card?

After the residence requirements are met, you can apply for a Resident Certificate. After obtaining the Resident Certificate, you can go to the place of residence to apply for an ID card.

Can I still retain Hong Kong and Macao citizenship after immigrating?

After obtaining the ROC passport, Hong Kong and Macao residents can still keep their original passport.

Can family pets be brought to Taiwan together?

Yes, but it needs to be approved by the relevant Taiwan government department for quarantine and to be isolated quarantined.

Do the investment immigrations need to meet the requirements for three years?

If the investment does not meet the requirements for three years, the Taiwan government has the right to withdraw the issued residence permit or identity card.

Can I get back the NT$6 million of investment immigration?

The NT$6 million deposited in the company account must be used in the company’s business projects, but if the business is not continued after the expiration of three years, the remaining amount can be withdrawn.

Can the fees of Entrepreneur visa incubation agency & accounting be calculated into the company's annual expenditure of NT$1 million?

The rent and accounting expenses of entering the incubator can be included in the company’s operating expenses of NT$1 million!


entrepreneur immigration company conditions must meet one of the following conditions:
a. annual operating income reaches more than NT$3 million
b. annual operating expenses reach NT$1 million or more
c. employ more than 3 full-time Taiwanese employees

Does the family of the entrepreneurial immigration applicant also obtain the ID card as soon as 5 years?

After the main applicant obtains the ID card, the spouse and children can obtain the ID card after they have lived for 2 years and have exceeded 183 days per year.

If you have children, can you apply to public schools during the entrepreneur visa for 5 years?

After obtaining the Resident Certificate, you can go to public schools!

Can entrepreneurs spend NT$1 million a year on themselves?

You can hire yourself to pay yourself, but it cannot be in the name of living expenses, and it must be within a reasonable salary range in Taiwan.

Does the capital need to be placed in a bank in Taiwan from the beginning?

No, just provide the bank balance certificate to Investment Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Can I go out to find a job at the same time when I start a company?

It is recommended not to. It is better to do other things after five years of operation.