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Advantages of New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

  • The investment amount is only CAD $250,000 to start a business in New Brunswick (NB Province).
  • Obtain the Maple Leaf Card (permanent status) and non-work visa in one step.
  • The success rate is high, and the processing speed is fast. Nomination is made within 12 months, and Visa is obtained within 26 months.
  • Failure to fulfill the plan does not affect immigration status.

Application Conditions

  • Age:22-55 years old
  • Education:above two-year or five-year junior college program
  • Language Ability:English minimum CLB score is 5 points (IELTS reading 5.0 writing 5.0 listening 5.0 speaking 5.0)
  • Residence Intention:register and live in New Brunswick
  • Background Qualifications:small entrepreneurs, civil servants, bank managers, medical personnel with management experience
  • Net Assets: the verifiable net assets are at least CAD $600,000 (including deposits, funds, and real estate) among them, CAD $300,000 must be working capital and unsecured funds
  • Investment Amount: at least CAD $250,000 to start a business in New Brunswick
  • Business Experience
    • employed by employees who have more than 5 years of high-level management experience in the last five years
    • shareholders (shares>1/3), who have more than 3 years of business management experience in the last five years
Step 1

Go New Brunswick to study visit

  1. lawyers assess qualification
  2. contract and plan investment type
  3. submit documents for preliminary review
  4. pay New Brunswick administrative fees
  5. applicants go New Brunswick to have business investigation interview
Step 2

Pay Deposit

  1. pass the review
  2. the provincial government asks for a deposit of CAD $100,000
  3. New Brunswick Provincial Government issued a nomination certificate
  4. physical examination
  5. transfer to the federal government to apply for a permanent residence card
Step 3


  1. issuie an immigrant visa
  2. register immigrantion
  3. conduct an investment plan
  4. deposit refundable after 1 year of performance

Geographical Environment

  • The land area is 71,450 square kilometers, which is only 0.7% of the entire Canada, which is about twice the size of Taiwan.                                                                                           
  • The population is only 750,000, and the population density is 1/7 of Taiwan.


New Brunswick has four distinct seasons. January is usually the coldest month, and July is the hottest month.
◎ Average Temperature (Celsius)

January (mid-winter) -9.2 degrees

May (mid-spring) 10.8 degrees

July (mid-summer) 25 degrees

October (mid autumn) 7.5 degrees


New Brunswick borders the United States, and its unique social and political history makes it the only official bilingual province in Canada. Therefore, English and French have the same status in the province and become a multicultural society that can open up new ideas and accept new cultures. It’s suitable for immigration.

Because New Brunswick is close to the major commercial centers of North America, including Toronto, Montreal, Boston and New York, it has a strategic advantage in the commercial market.