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Tax Accounting

Step 1


collect customer output and input vouchers before the 15th of each single month, and conduct vouchers review and classification regularly

Step 2


fully computerized accounting processing, accounting specialists check and adjust

Step 3


prepare trial balances, balance sheets, profit and loss statements,
according to report forms provide analysis reports regularly

Step 4


return the account book to the customers for preservation

  • Voucher Review, Classification and bookkeeping
  • The commissioners receive and deliver invoices and various certificates
  • Invoice purchase and delivery
  • Normal and period-end accounting treatment
  • Account book setting: subpena, diary book, general ledger and other auxiliary account books necessary for the industry, etc.
  • Provide various accounting consulting services and opinions

Tax Service

  • calculation, payment and declaration of Business Tax  for each period─every odd month
  • settlement and undistributed surplus declaration of Annual Profit-Making Business Income Tax─May
  • salary ,withholding declarations of various income and issuing statement of withholding tax ─Juanary
  • analysis of shareholder deductible tax credits (two taxes in one) and dividend income declaration─Juanary
  • provisional estimates payment of Profit-seeking Enterprise Annual Income Tax─September
  • agents of clients in general audit cases
  • trial calculation and declaration of Personal Comprehensive Income Tax
  • various tax consulting services and tax saving planning

Other Services

  • monthly payment of Second-NHI additional premium and annual declaration
  • withholding and payment of monthly salary and various income
  • establishment/change of  group insurance applicant of labor insurance and national health insurance