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Quotation Firm Limited company Company limited
Service charge  NT$2500  NT$4500  NT$5500
Processing fee  NT$1000  NT$1000  NT$1000
Seal engraving fee  NT$500  NT$500  NT$500
Total  NT$4000  NT$6000  NT$7000

1. The service fee includes items such as company name reviewing, company establishment, accountant capital visa, business registration and ticket purchase certificate etc.
2. Processing fee is actual collected, and a fee of  NT$1 will be charged for every NT$ 4,000 with a capital of more than NT$4 million.
3. Seal engraving fee contains 1 the first corporate seal,1 the second corporate seal and 2 invoice stamps.
4. The establishment of the licensing industry cost is discussed separately.

Quotation Firm Limited company Company limited
General change NT$2000 NT$3000 NT$3500
Capital increase NA NT$5000 NT$5000
Other changes discuss separately discuss separately discuss separately

1. Processing fee and seal engraving fee are actual collected. The change of more than two items will be discussed separately.

Accounting fee charging standard:

Annual Turnover Annual billing fee
Less thanNT$5million  Special price
5.01 million to 15 million Special price
15.01 million ~ 25 million Special price
More than 25 million Special price

Bookkeeping service period:

Month Accounts receivable and details
January Bookkeeping fees from November to December of the previous year, Withholding declaration and settlement declaration fee for profit-making business income(one month bookkeeping fee )
March January-February accounting fee, Invoices and account report expenses(one month bookkeeping fee )
May March-April accounting fee
July May-June accounting fee
September July-August accounting fee
November September-October accounting fee

1. The above quotation does not include inventory cost table, purchase-sales inventory table and audit declaration.
2. Accounting fees are vary according to the industry table, turnover, number of vouchers, and declaration methods.
3. Each year, additional withholding declaration fees, settlement declaration fees, and invoice statement bookkeeping fees (one month) are for a total of 13 months.

Service Items Service Charge
Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance of Insured Unit Establishment/Transaction NT$1000/time
Enroll or Cancel Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance NT$500/time
Second-generation health insurance calculation and declaration (within 5 people) NT$1000/year
Import & export manufacturer registration NT$1000
CTP Money Laundering Prevention Declaration NT$2000/time