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Document Guide

1.photocopy of Hong Kong or Macau Permanent Resident Identity Card

2.authorization letter for base capital table

3.authorization letter for investment agent 

4.documentary proof from the Republic of China

1.2.3 above must be sent to Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
(40th Floor, Tower One, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Hong Kong) Apply for “Republic of China Document Certificate” to be stamped with a riding seal


  • The photocopy of the permanent residence ID card and the photocopy of the marriage certificate that need to be verified (exempt if not included), both need to be verified together with the original. When verifying the spouse’s permanent residency ID card, the spouse is required to sign on the spot.
  • Documents that need to be verified do not need to be signed in advance. The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office will ask you to sign on the spot. Please sign in Chinese + English.
  • Very important!!! Because documents need to be send to different units, each unit needs a copy of the original certification document, and each document must be verified separately.

5.original Hong Kong and Macau resident status confirmation letter

6.a copy of financial proof issued by bank

proof of financial resources with a deposit of more than  NT$6 million (approximately HKD 1.54 million)
It should be noted that the length of deposit storage time varies from bank to bank (approximately 1 to 3 months)

7.investment plan form & application form for uniform invoice  (all signatures are sufficient)

8.photocopy of Hong Kong or Macau Passport

9.photocopy of Mainland China Pass

10.photocopy of the highest degree certificate & the current job certificate

  • If the highest degree certificate is missing and cannot be reissued, it is still necessary to ask the school to issue a graduation certificate or letter certificate.                                                                                                   
  • The current job certificate needs to be issued within 1 month. If you have earlier work experience related to investment matters, please be sure to include proof, that can be used as the basis of the Investment Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs of extra beneficial points.  
  • The employment certificate must be supported by an MPF or tax return. Issuing a certificate of employment for several years requires several years of MPF or tax returns.                                                                     
  • Employment certificate or proof of work to make use of Chinese version. If it is the English version, it should take another Chinese translation and subject to validation.   

11.personal resume

Briefly describe the past academic qualifications and work experience. If you have the relevant certificates or licenses attached to the investment project, it will be beneficial. (The picture is a reference format)

12. 10pcs of 2-inch color photos with white background in half a year

The portrait in the photo is not allowed to wear colored glasses, is frontal, capless, bare, uncovered, and has a natural expression with a closed mouth.

13.a copy of the marriage certificate of the migrant spouse (verification required)

  • The marriage certificate needs to be sent to Taipei Economic and Cultural Office for verification.

(It can only be verified if it is issued by the Hong Kong Marriage Registry. If it is a marriage certificate signed by a church, temple or other place, please first apply for a true copy at the Marriage Registry, and you can use it for verification.)

  • If you are married overseas, you need to go to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office where the marriage was handled for verification.
  • The spouse’s Hong Kong permanent residence ID card also needs to be verified together.
  • Remember to bring the original with you when verifying.

14.Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC)

  • Applicants must make an appointment through the online appointment system or call to enquiry system (Tel: 2396 5351). The reservation system can provide dates within the next 30 days from the next day for selection.
  • Due to the large number of applicants, it will take about 3 weeks to make an appointment, and the number of working days for the application will take about 3 weeks.
  • Documents required:
  1. original completed application form
  2. signed agreement to accept the original fingerprint copy
  3. applicant’s information form
  4. applicant’s Hong Kong Identity Card
  5. letter from the Consular Service/Immigration Service
  6. documents proving the relationship between the applicant and the main visa applicant (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.)
  7. The application fee is HK$225 per person. Payment can be made by cash, Octopus card, EPS or cheque. If paying by cheque, please cross the cheque and specify “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” as the payee.


Hong Kong Police Force,The Goverment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region-「Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC)」

15.birth certificate of minor children accompanying the emigration

If the child was born before marriage, apart from the birth certificate, another DNA test is required, which can be done in Taiwan (approximately 10,000 HKD) or Hong Kong (approximately 50,000 HKD).
For adopted children, legal documents are required.

How and Where to Apply

Submit in Person

applicants can go to any of the following birth registration offices to submit the application in person:

  • The Births and Deaths General Register Office
  • Kowloon Births Registry
  • Sha Tin District Births Registry
  • Tuen Mun District Births Registry




香港金鐘道 66 號

金鐘道政府合署低座 3 樓




  1. 香港身份證或有效旅行證件
  2. 郵遞申請須提供其香港身份證或有效旅行證件副本



  • 特定查冊港幣 140 元
  • 一般查冊港幣 680 元


  • 本地申請:每份港幣 140 元
  • 海外申請:每份港幣 275 元,再另加一般空郵郵費。