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Richar Liaw


Education & Experience

Bachelor of Physics,Cheng-Kung University

PhD, Department of Applied Physics,Tunghai University



National Higher Examination of Nuclear Engineering first place

Radiation Protection Advisor Qualification

Taichung City Government Economic Development Bureau

Atomic Energy Council

Inspector in Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant


Tax Planning

Immigration Consultant

Monte Carlo Method

Risk Factor Assessment

Human Factors Engineering

Ultrafast Laser Physics

Hearth Planting


If we are always busy showing our knowledge, how can we remember the ignorance needed to grow?

I’m learning from the world with the most humble mood, just as an ordinary person.

There is a popular saying: To the man with only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Professional bias is occasional. This is one of the common human misjudgment psychology that is no way to look at things from a broader perspective. I can’t think about the problem from the customer’s perspective, and really solve the problem for the customer. Therefore, I continue to study humbly and extensively, but I can provide the services that I proud of. 

I hope that I can become a modest and self-sufficient person. 

Although life is hard, happiness in the heart is enough.

I hope that I can learn how to deal with money correctly without chasing it. Money is just a way to live life. Excessive wealth will not bring more happiness, so RichLife can provide it at the most reasonable price. 

The best quality service is always people-oriented.

The world is infinite, and people are limited.

Love exists in the world though nature is ruthless.

I also hope that I will face the complex world with a simple and enthusiastic heart. Only in this way, I can not lose myself in this world and not forget my original intention. We are all just passing by in the universe. It is not easy to meet each other. We hope that RichLife can make your life better.

Therefore, RichLife symbolizes a child full of humanity, and it represents a spirit that integrates thinking, human touch, and innocence, allowing customers to deeply feel the existence of professionalism, warmth, and integrity.

Lynn Jian

Executive Secretary

Education & Experience

Bachelor of Accounting Information,

National Taichung University

of Science and Technology  


Company Establishment


When I studied junior high school, I need to help sustain family life.

My job was cleaning the bicycle in a bike rental shop in Huatan, Changhua.

The follow-up part-time job experience was uninterrupted and continuous to the university.

I am stable, active and able to solve customer problems smoothly.

Richar RichLife attaches great importance to the personality traits of members in order to provide customers with the best quality service.

Peggy Yang


Education & Experience

Bachelor of Law, Soochow University

Law Clerk in Criminal Division of Taiwan Taichung District Court

Review Committee-cum-Legal Aid Lawyer in Legal Aid Foundation

Legal Counsel in TPRM

Forensic Lawyer for Committee member listed company of Emergency Medical Services Association of Yunlin


Civil Dispute

Criminal  Defense

Juvenile Delinquency

Family Marriage & parent-child guardianship & Inheritance

Enforcement event


Labor disputes

Consumer protection incident

Enterprise Legal Management & Regulatory Compliance

Contract Drafting and Review

Legal Confirm Letter & Lawyer’s Letter

Peggy Yang was law clerk in Criminal Division of Taiwan Taichung District Court.

Later, she also worked forensic lawyer for Taichung OTC Company (Construction Industry).

She has extensive experience in handling disputes such as criminal cases, auto accident disputes, real estate development, sale and purchase disputes, labor relations and family affairs.

She serves clients including the food industry, manufacturing, transportation and management consulting industries. She is committed to providing clients with the most comprehensive dispute resolutions.

For her, she pursues the best interests of her clients and makes every events have a happy ending is the most important thing.

Julie Liu

Senior Consultant

Education & Experience

Bachelor of Finance,

National Taichung University

of Science and Technology


Company Establishment


Immigration Consultant


I had been helping sustain family life since the age of 15.

My job content was mainly related to cashiers and service in coffee shop and department store.

My part-time work experience continues until the university level.

After graduation, I worked in a property management company.

I am stable, responsible and responds well to advances and retreats.

I have rich experience in handling customer questions and can solve customer problems smoothly.

Serena Zhang

Senior Consultant

Education & Experience

Bachelor of Applied Mathematics,

National Dong Hwa University


Immigration Consultant

Company Establishment


I participated in organizing various department activities during the university period.

I learned how to interact and communicate well with people.

The details and carefulness of handling complicated affairs and how to make customers obtain satisfactory experience are made me more able to put myself in the mind for the sake of customers in order to provide the best quality service.

Trista Zhang

Senior Consultant

Education & Experience

Bachelor of Life Creative Design,

Overseas Chinese University


Company Establishment


I have been working outside since high school. I learned the communication and service attitude.

Sometimes I also change my position to help customers get the most ideal solutions.

I always handle customer questions carefully, provide the most complete information, and deal with problems patiently, so that customers can enjoy satisfactory service.