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Entrepreneurial Immigration

Advantages of Entrepreneur Immigration

  • You only need to set up a company that investing NT$1 million in an innovative business , and you, your spouse, and your children under the age of 20 can come to live in Taiwan together.
  • It can be applied individually or by a team (up to 3 people) to share the cost, and the minimum costt is only HK$500,000 to immigrate.
  • Anyone can apply, and Richar RichLife will assist you in obtaining the proof of principles for the recognition of innovative new ventures.
  • The less applications, the less time on process. (approximately 1 to 2 months).
  • After half a year of residence, you need to join the national health insurance. Then, the company can apply for permanent residency when it’s business conditions are reached.

Basic Rules

  • must be a foreigner outside the mainland China (including Hong Kong and Macau)
  • invest more than NT$1 million to establish an innovative business company
  • must have an address to register the company you set up.
  • need to apply for a good citizen certificate (a certificate of no criminal record) from the Hong Kong government.
  • must come to Taiwan for a health examination.
  • must find a Taiwanese as your guarantor of residence.
  • be able to apply for a residence permit immediately after the establishment of the company.

Company Conditions:

1.the proof of principles for the recognition of innovative new ventures

2.operating for at least five years

3.the need to achieve one of the following conditions

a. annual operating income reaches NT$3 million

b. annual operating expenses reach NT$1 million or more

c. hire 3 full-time Taiwanese employees

Register Company

  1. sign agency authorization, check company name, write business plan
  2. apply for investment license
  3. come to Taiwan to open a bank account, rent an office or shop
  4. inject investment funds from Hong Kong, foreign exchange settlement, and capital verification
  5. company registration
  6. tax registration

Apply For Residency

  1. apply for a good citizen certificate in Hong Kong
  2. come to Taiwan for physical examination
  3. apply for Resident Certificate


apply for a Resident Certificate

  • Your company must have an actual business and file taxes normally. Then, you can apply for settlement.
  • You have to live specified number of days to apply for residency.The number of days refers to any of the following conditions, you can choose a favorable way to apply:
    • lived for 335 days in the previous year that estimated from the date of application
    • lived for 270 days a year in the first two years from the date of application
  • apply for household registration and ID card
  • apply for a passport

Tax Filing:

  • If you live in Taiwan for 183 days in a calendar year, you will become a Taiwanese tax resident, and you must file tax returns like a Taiwanese.
  • Taiwan Tax Resident
    • Tax Rate: progressive tax rate 5%, 12%, 20%, 30%, 40%
    • Filing: May in every year
    • Foreign Income: the family needs to declare together, and each reporting household has an annual tax allowance of 6.7 million
  • Non-Taiwan Tax Residents (foreigners have lived in Taiwan for less than 183 days)
    • Tax Rate: salary 6% or 18% / dividend 21% / other income 20%
    • Declaration: within 10 days from the date of payment


  • The investor’s own spouse and children under the age of 20 can apply together or apply for dependent residency afterwards.
  • After you settle down and become naturalized, your spouse, parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren can apply to come to Taiwan to reside by relatives.

Buying a property:

  • You can buy real estate in the name of an individual or company, not limited to residential or commercial buildings, but you cannot buy agricultural land.


  • During the investment residence period, if you need to work for someone else or your own company, you need to apply for a work permit separately.


  • Your children under the age of 20 can apply for school after obtaining a residence permit

Driver’s license:

  • The Hong Kongdriver’s license validated by Foreign Embassy Office with holding more than one year residence permit, it can redeem Taiwandriver’s license.


  • Your company is free to hire Taiwanese employees, if you need to hire foreigners or Hong Kong people, you need to apply for permission.